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We are a social enterprise committed to fostering local creative communities & regenerative heritage tourism with profit going to ecological restoration.


We value creative, local, circular, zero waste & net positive eco-design B2B products & experiences for museum & heritage retail.


We love nature, culture, & heritage, and we're curating the best of Britain for authentic & meaningful visitor experiences.



about us


A bee hive is a powerful symbol of regeneration by cross-pollination, design, community & working together. Our purpose as a connector cross-pollinating between culture & nature reflects this commitment. Our mission is to bee🐝 the change we want to see, and to help accelerate the social & environmental transition to address the ecological emergency & social problems we see. 


Heritage Hive is an all-female team with qualifications & experience in archaeology, museums & heritage, eco-design, retail, social welfare, business & tourism. We are change-makers inspired by archaeology, sustainable human pre-history lifeways, natural systems and indigenous thinking. We believe in a regenerative future that tackles the big issues to truly foster sustainability in museums & heritage sites, and connect the creative & cultural back to nature.


Ecological emergency!


The current extractive 'take-make-waste' system is leading to biodiversity loss from habitat destruction & pollution. 


Scope 3 emissions from offshore supply chains create almost as many emissions as the UK produces domestically, contributing to climate change (WEF 2024). This includes scope 3 emissions from all museum & heritage tourism retail product off-shore supply chains. All reduction in emissions matter, so re-localising is important.


On-shore supply chains, however, are not enough - scope 3 is social & environmental impacts as well as emissions. Local products can still have negative impacts as 70% of a product impact is locked in at design stage. Eco-design principles need to be used to avoid negative impacts and emissions. 


Social restructure needed!


There's a shortage of local employment especially in regional & remote areas, with many underemployed talented local makers & creatives. There's also a lack of funding for the creative & heritage sectors (despite UNESCO support & recommendations). Gift shops usually help fund heritage operations...and provide part of the visitor experience. 


Cultural & natural heritage attractions could have a better visitor experience - one that expands knowledge of, and engagement with, the amazing archaeology, prehistory and natural / cultural heritage of Britain and prompts further engagement or return visits - heritage retail that is authentic and meaningful is one of the ways to do this. Unhappiness with current museum/heritage retail offerings (especially international cultural tourists who usually spend more per person) will mean they leave without buying anything...income & opportunity lost! Our marketplace introduces different product / service / experience assortment and a different procurement system.


We set up Heritage Hive as a social enterprise because we believe there is a better way to do business. We are committed to transparency & ethical behaviour including a fair living-wage for employees. Eco-design principles will be in every product & service...or the product won't exist on our marketplace. All profit from B2B transactions on the Heritage Hive marketplace will fund ecological restoration projects urgently needed to help re-build & sustain life on our beautiful living Earth.


We're really all in this together - there is no 'away'!


We are a startup building a curated B2B marketplace, however part of our mission is to co-create the Hive marketplace together with the heritage and creative sectors as it grows.


Give us a buzz on our contact page and look forward to meeting you at the M+H Show in May 2024! 💚


Jenny, Phillipa & Jo


Join the hive regenerative procurement system building local creative communities, supporting the heritage sector, helping restore natural ecosystems AND giving visitors a more authentic, meaningful experience! 


LAUNCHING SOON...watch this space




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